Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Triangulation Blog was launched in January 2010. It is an art based research focused on a triangular concept, abstract—experimental—and new media art.
Since the blog started in 2010, it has been exploring several contemporay territories and looking for those artists who overpass the boundaries of experimental art using (or not) the new technologies for. Along the time this research has been taking a direction and focusing more on digital environments and internet based art.
Triangulation Blog is a daily publication, which shows the latest projects from new media artists. It is also considered as a major collection of artworks and experiments, by following a really specific value of art and aesthetics, specially those generated by computers.

From top:
I. Jasper Elings
II. Toshio Matsumoto
III. Diane Meyer
IV.Bahar Yurukoglu
V. Kent Rogowski

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