Friday, 6 December 2013

Sebastien Nedjar in Grand Palais / Art en capital 2013

Sebastien Nedjar one of my favourite upcoming French artists shows two of his sculpture works  from series "Pursuit of Happiness" to public in Grand Palais this weekend!! 

“Untitled VII” is the only piece in the whole series of “Pursuit of Happiness”  made of two different carpenter benches. The arranged fragments fixed together by the metal scraps, form a logical entirety. There is beautiful balance and symmetry between them. The aesthetic properties of the piece draw one’s attention. Nedjar express his feelings through composition and colours, which encourages and leads the viewer's eye to wander around the whole installation.  There is something very intriguing about this piece, hidden story of two conflicting and contradictory realms. Nedjar narrates the story "Get rich or die trying" by which he tries to expose our everyday reality. The colours materialize the story. Blue is a colour of hope and sincerity whereas gold is use to promote abundance and prosperity.

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